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The site may provide the user with reviews of various books that may help the reader decide which book to read.

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Ratings and Recommendations

The site may offer ratings and recommendations for books based on genre, author, or other parameters to help the reader find the right book.

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Community of Readers

The site may provide functionality that allows users to communicate with each other, share book recommendations, and comment on reviews.

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MNews and Articles

The site may provide news and articles on books and literature that may be of interest to readers.

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Book Search:

The site may provide a book search function that allows the user to quickly find a desired book by author, title, genre, or other parameters.

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Discounts and Promotions

The site may offer special discounts and promotions on books to its users to help them save money when purchasing books.

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"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

About us

Tom Topia is the place where you can find reviews and ratings of the most popular books and get recommendations based on your preferences. Here you will find an extensive database of books of different genres, authors and publishers. We provide an opportunity to communicate with other readers, exchange opinions and book recommendations, and read news and articles on books and literature. We are confident that our site will help you find the best book to read and enrich your literary culture.

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Rare books

We offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of rare books by little-known authors. We have collected in one place books that are not so easy to find on the shelves of bookstores. Here you will find reviews and ratings of these unique works, and you will also be able to communicate with other readers, share your impressions and finds.

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CImmortal classic

Fans of timeless classics will find on our site reviews and ratings of the best works in the history of literature. We have collected such masterpieces as "War and Peace" and "Crime and Punishment" in one place, and offer readers the best recommendations for reading. Our site is a place where you can not only find new books to read, but also re-read your favorite works of timeless classics from a new point of view.


Our Client Sayings

I love reading classic literature, and on Tome Topia, I found many excellent recommendations for reading. An excellent resource for book lovers!

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Nakamura Kenzo

Tome Topia is a great resource for finding new books! I found a lot of interesting works here and received many helpful recommendations from other readers.

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Tanaka Midori

The Tome Topia website helped me find a book I had been searching for a long time. The book reviews and ratings are very useful, and I discovered many new authors and genres here.

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Hiroshima Yuki

I just registered on Tome Topia and already found many interesting books to read. I appreciated the ability to communicate with other readers and exchange opinions. The site is user-friendly and convenient for finding new works.

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Yamamoto Hanako
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